International Distribution and Co-Productions

IM Global Television’s distribution business is the international licensing and co-production hub for IM Global Television's business.   In addition to looking after IM Global Television's original content, the division has a robust third party distribution business representing scripted, unscripted, and new media partners and their content from around the world, as well as an extensive film library which now boasts over 600 titles, including the Spyglass, Intermedia, Beacon, and Distant Horizon libraries.

Eli Shibley, President, International Distribution & Co-Productions, IM Global Television

Eli Shibley joined IM Global Television in July 2015 as President, International Distribution and Co-Productions.  In addition to managing sales of the growing IM Global scripted slate, Shibley will also oversee acquisitions of third party scripted and unscripted projects from US, UK, and international content partners, as a nimble and independent distribution alternative in the increasingly dynamic world of international television.

Prior to IM Global Television, Shibley was the Senior Vice President of International Media and Formats at Electus.  He also co-founded the London sales team for Shine International, and helped launch Reveille International in Los Angeles.  He is a graduate of Harvard University.